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One of the most important parts of becoming a Wellspring foster parent is to participate in orientation and training. It’s in these moments that you will learn the ins and outs of what it means to foster a child.


Your foster parent team will help you schedule your orientation, so please contact your regional foster care office to reserve your spot. Based on years of working with families, we have identified an orientation schedule that seems to work well in each region. It’s important to note that in all regions, one-on-one orientations are available

For orientation dates that fall on a holiday, the orientation will occur the following week.


If you’re a prospective foster parent, you’ll hear the phrase “PRIDE Training.” PRIDE is an acronym for Parent Resources for Information Development and Education. This specialized training is administered in partnership with the State of Michigan, and provides training to prepare you for becoming a foster parent. As part of a becoming a licensed foster parent, you will need to complete 24 hours of PRIDE training. The first 12 hours will need to be completed prior to licensure. The remaining hours will need to be completed soon after licensure.​

Foster parents in all counties except Kent County receive PRIDE training, conducted by a State-of-Michigan-approved trainer. To view the training dates in your area, please visit: http://fcnp.org/resources/pride-training-dates/

Foster parents in Kent County receive Pressley Ridge training in place of PRIDE training. This training is scheduled through your assigned licensing workers. Pressley Ridge is a total of 36 hours and has to be completed in full prior to licensure.

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