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Financial Support / Reimbursement for Michigan Foster Parents

Many people have the passion and the heart for becoming a foster parent but are concerned about the additional cost of housing and supporting a child. That is a completely normal concern. So, let us tell you a little bit about what you can expect.

There is financial assistance available for people willing to open their homes for a foster child. While foster care payments/reimbursements cover some of the costs, they are not meant to cover all expenses incurred throughout the placement of the child. The payments that you will receive are used as an allowance to offset some of the cost of clothing, holidays and other expenses while you are fostering a child. The amount the family receives really depends on the needs of the child, not the family. Wellspring does not set this allowance. It is decided by the State of Michigan, who is legally responsible for the child’s care.

Financial Assistance for Foster Children

Children in foster care do receive additional support when it comes to:

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage through Medicaid
  • Daycare subsidies
  • Free school meals
  • WIC
  • Tuition assistance for older youth

Eligibility for these services is not based on the foster parents’ income, but is based on the needs of the child. A Wellspring social worker will walk you through this to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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