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Fostering Family Members in Michigan

Is someone from your family in the foster care system and you wonder how to get them out? If so, it’s a common question. It’s a natural choice for a relative to want to care for a loved one. Let us help you!

In Michigan, relatives are given priority or preference when fostering children, but they are still required to become a licensed foster parent. Relatives who are willing to take placement of the child must go through the same process as any other non-related foster home; however, relatives are able to take immediate placement of a child and maintain them in their home while they are going through the licensing process. Before taking placement of a child, relatives must pass an initial safety assessment and be willing to work with the child’s foster care agency in order to create a plan for the child. They are also expected to complete the licensing process within 180 days.

Relative Foster Care Allowance

Relatives are expected to complete the licensing process within 180 days of receiving a child in their care. Upon becoming licensed, relatives receive the same level of financial support as unrelated-licensed-caregivers. This varies based on the age and needs of the child. Relatives may also receive additional support (depending on availability of funds) to assist in removing impediments to them becoming licensed.

Can Grandparents Be Foster Parents?

Grandparents can absolutely become foster parents to their grandchildren! Grandparents are considered and assessed just as any other relative for placement.

What is Kinship Foster Care Placement?

Kinship foster care is considered the same as “relative foster care,” where an individual becomes the foster parent for a child to whom they are related by blood. In some cases, individuals who have a well-established relationship with a child but are not a blood relative can also be considered for placement; such individuals are referred to as “fictive-kin” and are often given priority consideration for the child if no other blood relatives come forward.

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