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About Michigan’s Foster Children

When it comes to knowing about the child(ren) who will be placed in your home, it’s helpful to remember that at their core, they have the same basic needs of many children living in Michigan. Children aren’t in foster care because they choose it for themselves. They’re in foster care because a determination was made that it is what is best for them at that time.

Why Children Enter Foster Care

Children in foster care may have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and/or neglect. Their level of need is different based on what they have endured within their own home. What is most important as a foster parent is recognizing that this child has just faced a tremendous loss, and many of them have difficulty expressing that in the same way that an adult would.

Finding the Right Foster Care Placement

Wellspring believes in finding the right foster care placement for both you and the child. We are committed to ensuring you feel like you have everything you need to provide a safe and loving home for the children placed in your care. This is why a Wellspring social worker will work closely with you to identify what type of child would be a good fit for you. Stability is important for the child, so making sure we have the right home is key for both you and the child.

When you become a Wellspring foster parent, we will provide you with ongoing training. We are experts in this field, so we provide you with helpful training and a variety of resources to help support you throughout the process.

Know that you are never alone in this journey into foster parenting. Wellspring is always available to support you around the clock.

How Long Can a Child Be in Foster Care?

The length of time a child spends in foster care varies from case to case. Several factors affect the timeframe, including their parent(s)’ level of engagement in services, the supports available in their local area, and the preferences of the judge or referee assigned to their case. As a general rule, parents are given a minimum of 12 months to show improvement before the court will consider alternatives, such as terminating the parent’s rights and making the child available for adoption.

Which Children Need Foster Parents?

Children who enter foster care have experienced some form of abuse or neglect significant enough to necessitate temporary removal from their parents. While these children come from a wide range of backgrounds and all have different experiences, the one thing they have in common is that they need caring adults and a homelike setting where they can experience some semblance of normalcy and consistency, until the next phase of their journey.

Let Hope Flow Through You.

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